United Power Chooses AMSC’s D-VAR VVO™ for Voltage Optimization Program
Sep 19, 2018
United Power Commissions D-VAR VVO™ for Distribution System with High Solar Power Penetration

AYER, Mass., Sept. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AMSC (NASDAQ: AMSC), a global energy solutions provider serving wind and power grid industry leaders, today announced the successful commissioning of AMSC’s D-VAR VVO™ system as part of United Power’s voltage optimization and energy efficiency program. United Power commissioned the D-VAR VVO™ system in its distribution grid in the state of Colorado.

“AMSC’s D-VAR VVO™ product is proving to be an effective upgrade for distribution feeders with challenging voltage regulation issues due to dynamically varying load,” said Robert Maxwell III, P.E., Director of Engineering at United Power. “Our first application for D-VAR VVO™ supports United Power’s effort to support industrial growth and to validate the technology as a solution to renewable generation interconnection, power quality, voltage optimization and energy efficiency challenges.”

“Working with utilities across the country, we are finding the potential for D-VAR VVO™ to solve a number of customer issues,” said Daniel P. McGahn, President and CEO, AMSC. “The precise and rapid reactive power and voltage control provided by D-VAR VVO™ can assist utilities in maintaining their power quality standards, while enabling large scale adoption of distributed generation and electric vehicles on their distribution networks.”

AMSC’s D-VAR VVO™ addresses the needs of utilities that are experiencing rapid growth of renewable distributed generation (DG) and electric vehicle (EV) charging capacity within their distribution networks. Renewable distributed generation, such as rooftop and community solar power, and electric vehicle charging are inherently dynamic and variable in nature. Utilities are now striving to enhance their distribution grid network’s capabilities to accommodate these new resources and customers, while maintaining efficiency and superior power quality.

The D-VAR VVO™ helps utilities manage their power quality concerns and expands grid capacity for renewable DG and EVs.  The D-VAR VVO™ equipment reacts seamlessly to EV-driven rapid load changes and clouds passing or changing wind speeds across the distribution grid, minimizing the impact on electrical equipment and customers, and helping utilities meet power quality standards even as more renewable DG and EVs come on-line.

Utilities are also evaluating techniques to implement Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) strategies.  This is an increasingly widespread approach used by electric utilities to increase efficiency and reduce peak electric loading on their system to reduce costs and improve reliability, with minimal impact on customers. D-VAR VVO™ gives utilities the ability to enact widespread reduction in system voltages, on command, to execute CVR programs.  The D-VAR VVO™ is designed to achieve all of this with no moving parts, a minimal number of installation sites, and virtually no maintenance requirements.

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About United Power
United Power is a rural electric cooperative, providing electric service to homes and businesses throughout Colorado’s northern front range. Surrounding Denver on three sides, United Power serves 900 square miles along the north central range of the Colorado Rockies. Our service territory wraps around the north and west borders of Denver International Airport, and includes the north metropolitan development corridors, including Interstate 25, Interstate 76, State Highway 85, and E-470. United Power is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, owned by the customer-members who receive electricity from us. United Power is governed by a member-elected board of directors, who direct the operations of the cooperative, oversee needed rate changes, and help the staff and employees plan for the future of the company. Through careful management and constant improvements in technology, United Power demonstrates its commitment to being the Utility of Choice by using innovation and efficiency to provide economical and reliable power to its members.

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