Barbara G. Littlefield

Barbara G. Littlefield, age 61, has been chief financial officer of Poseidon Water LLC, a leading developer of water infrastructure projects in North America, since August 2014. From September 2013 until August 2014, Ms. Littlefield served as senior vice president, strategy and corporate development, of Poseidon Water LLC. From February 2011 until May 2013, she was senior vice president of corporate development and a board member of Drax Biomass International Inc., an enterprise securing upstream biomass supply for large British electricity generators. From 2006 to 2010, Ms. Littlefield was an executive vice president and chief financial officer of Verenium Corporation, a joint venture company formed to commercialize second generation 8 biofuels technology. We believe Ms. Littlefield’s qualifications to sit on our Board include her extensive financial and strategic management experience and her particular knowledge of large infrastructure projects. Ms. Littlefield has been a director of our company since May 2019.