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When was AMSC founded and by whom?

AMSC was founded in April of 1987 by Yet-Ming Chiang, PhD; David A. Rudman, PhD; John B. Vander Sande, PhD; and Gregory J. Yurek, PhD.

When was AMSC's initial public offering (IPO)?

AMSC common stock began trading as of its initial public offering on December 11, 1991.

Have there been any additional public offerings of AMSC stock?

Yes, AMSC has had multiple successful public offerings since its initial public offering, most recently in May, 2017.

Has AMSC had any stock splits?

Yes, the company executed a 3 for 2 stock split on November 28, 1994 and a 10 for 1 reverse stock split on March 24, 2015.

Does AMSC have preferred stock?

No, all shares issued and outstanding are common shares.

Does AMSC pay a dividend on its common stock?

No, AMSC does not pay a cash dividend on its common stock.

Does AMSC have a direct stock purchase program?

No, AMSC does not have a direct stock purchase program. If you are interested in purchasing the company's stock, please contact a registered broker.

How many shares of common stock does AMSC have outstanding?

As of May 29, 2020, AMSC had approximately 29.2 million shares outstanding.

When does AMSC's fiscal year end?

AMSC's fiscal year ends on March 31.

How many people does AMSC employ?

As of March 31, 2020, AMSC employed 326 individuals.

Who is AMSC's stock transfer agent?

AMSC's transfer agent is American Stock Transfer & Trust Company. If you have any questions regarding your stock certificates, please contact them by telephone at 800-937-5449.

Who is AMSC's independent accounting firm?