AMSC Stockholder Meeting

American Superconductor Corporation’s (“AMSC”) 2023 Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held via a completely virtual format through a live audio-only webcast hosted online at on Friday, August 11, 2023 at 10:30 a.m., Eastern Time.

The Annual Meeting will be held exclusively online and you will not be able to attend the Annual Meeting physically.

To download copies of AMSC's proxy materials, click on the links below.

Fiscal 2022 Annual Report

AMSC’s 2023 Notice and Proxy Statement

Fiscal 2021 Annual Report

AMSC’s 2022 Notice and Proxy Statement

Supplement to AMSC’s 2022 Proxy Statement

Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

AMSC’s 2021 Notice and Proxy Statement

Proxy Voting
You can vote your AMSC shares via the Internet by clicking here. You will be asked to enter your control number(s) to ensure the security of your vote. You will find your control number on the Proxy Card or Voting Instruction Form you received in the mail. If you received your proxy materials electronically, your control number is contained in the e-mail you received.

To vote by telephone, call 1-800-690-6903.

Electronic Delivery
As an AMSC stockholder, you can receive future AMSC proxy statements, annual reports to stockholders, and related proxy materials via electronic delivery, rather than receiving hard copies in the mail. Choosing to receive your future proxy materials online will save us the cost of producing and mailing documents to you and help conserve natural resources.

Click here for Electronic Delivery Enrollment.